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Client Relationship Management:
Growing Loyal Clients

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What are you doing to build quality client relationships, the source of repeat business? Every client contact is an opportunity to earn the client's loyalty along with the next sale or contract.

Establishing client relationships and building client loyalty are an integral and on-going part of your job. Simply taking the client to lunch, playing golf, or using the latest client relationship software won't build and strengthen better business relationships. Your employees need to learn new effective ways to impact and influence your clients and get them to buy into your ideas.

Repeat business is a powerful advantage to your bottom line. To outshine your competition you need to learn how to become your clients' "value-added" knowledge expert: how to better sell your organization, your ideas, and yourself. Your goal is to get the client to say, "Yes". You get there with "WOW!" The more you learn, the more you and your company earn.

This seminar is for contract managers, project managers, sales and marketing professionals, and everyone who has direct client contact from the "rainmakers" to the customer service staff.

    The Psychology of the Client
  • The client is your paycheck. Today your clients are smarter, more price conscious, competitive, demanding, and difficult than ever.
  • Learn what the client requires of you: know them, understand them, lead them, and help them look good to their boss.
  • Learn how to become more reliable, responsive and available, valuable.
    Relationship Strategies
  • Making your clients look is job one. Perception is everything: Learn to treat each client as if he were your only client.
  • Learn to apply the psychology of relationship strategies and master the behavioral characteristics for success in business today.
    The Art of Constructive and Positive Persuasion
  • Improve your communication skills; the client wants to be understood.
  • Learn to communicate everything in terms of the client.
  • Today's client wants action not excuses which requires you to take responsibility and ownership.
  • Learn how to think, listen, and react to the client more effectively.
    Creative Problem Solving for Your Clients
  • Learn creative and unique ways to make the client feel important, cared for, valuable, and comfortable doing business with you.
  • Doing things out of the ordinary score points with the client …an gains repeat business.
    The Power of Marketing Yourself
  • How easy is it to do business with you?
  • Client obsession leads to client loyalty which, in turn, leads to increased sales.
  • Fine-tune your presentation skills as every client contact is a presentation.
    Powerful People Skills
  • Making the client feel important means more business.
  • Learn over two dozen ways to make yourself personally more valuable to the client.
  • Turn your client into your biggest fan and cheerleader.
    Gain the Competitive Edge
  • Take the Competitive Edge audit for self-assessment.
  • Learn best practices to benchmark.
  • Learn how to apply the 9 critical skills to outshine the competition.

Course Description | Intended Audience | Course Outline

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