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Conflict Resolution:
Converting that "Negative Stuff" into the POSITIVE

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Check all that "negative stuff" you have experienced in the past month:
attitude problems
difficult people/situations
office politics

If you checked more than 10 of the above, then this seminar is a must for you! The "negative stuff" you checked severely impairs the productivity, self-confidence, and emotional control of yourself as well as your staff.

Learn how to resolve conflict and convert all that "negative stuff" in your professional and personal lives into these positives: collaboration, cooperation, optimism, results, negotiation, control, productivity, motivation, consensus, flexibility, solutions, enthusiasm, creativity, vision, calmness, "can do" attitude, success, compromise, increased self-esteem, creativity, leadership, quality, harmony.

Look over that list of positives and imagine how much more effective - not to mention, peaceful - your professional career and personal life would be after learning a variety of conflict management skills. Forget about wishing and hoping that the situation will go away or that the negative person will change. You know it's not going to happen unless you do something about it. You have a choice to continue to put up with all the "negative stuff" or resolve the conflict and replace it with positives. Become your own Sherlock Holmes - conflict resolution and converting the "negative stuff" into the positive is "elementary" once you learn how.

After taking this course you will be able to:
  • Resolve, manage, and even avert conflicts
  • Avoid being negative yourself and constantly shooting yourself in the foot
  • Identify "negative stuff," how it affects you, and how to respond using problem solving techniques
  • Change your own behavior to become a more positive person - yes, you can learn how to do it!
  • Maintain your own composure and not overreact or respond defensively
  • Use your self-confidence as your "wild card"
  • Maintain your sense of humor in conflict situations
  • Focus on the present and the future rather than dwelling on the past
  • Achieve the positive results and solutions you want
  • Increase your value to your organization or company as a conflict manager

This course is for everyone! Who in your office, your team, your department, or organization could not benefit from becoming a more positive individual and workmate? This course is for any employee who is open to relearning new ways to responding to negative situations and negative people. The payoff is an immediate resolution to conflict situations.

Warning! If you think you are too set in your ways to change at this stage in your life and in your career, please stay at the office!

    "Negative Stuff" - The Illogical, Irrational, and Stupid
  • Identify the "negative stuff" in your personal and professional life
  • Explain why "why" doesn't matter
  • Describe the "Doom and Gloom" Syndrome
  • Demonstrate how difficult it is to be positive and talk in the language of the positive
    Taking That "Negative Stuff" Personally - Don't Step in It!
  • Explain pessimism and why we are negative
  • Identify the "negative stuff" and explain your first step in averting it
  • Explain how the "negative stuff" affects us
  • Demonstrate that for every conflict there can be a positive resolution
    Thinking and Behaving Smart - The Positive
  • Explain optimism - something you can control
  • Describe the behavioral characteristics of positive people
  • Demonstrate how to respond to conflict and "negative stuff," deal with a negative person, and more effectively cope with a negative situation
    Problem Solving Yourself to Success
  • Explain how to resolve conflicts and convert the "negative stuff" into the positive
  • Describe the psychological concept of cognitive reframing
  • Describe how to "think" first and then "behave" positive
    The Positive Workout - Conflict Management Techniques, Skills, and Exercises
  • Explain how to analyze, think, and behave like a positive optimist to resolve conflicts
  • Demonstrate how to build positive and optimistic behaviors

Course Description | Benefits | Intended Audience | Course Outline

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