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How to Eliminate, Reduce, (or at least cope with) Frustration in the Workplace

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According to an American Management Association study, the five situations that produce the most frustration in the workplace and arise most frequently are:

  1. More tasks and responsibilities than time to do them.
  2. People taking up more time with correspondence and meetings.
  3. Dealing with incompetence in others.
  4. Poor communication from upper management.
  5. Inadequate acknowledgment of personal efforts.

Do these workplace pressures sound familiar? If so, then you and your staff need to learn how to de-frustrate your working environment.

If your organization has recently downsized and you now have to do more with less, then you may be paying for it with higher stress, more missed deadlines, and increased turnover.

The cause of four of these top five frustrations involve other people (time bandits, incompetents, and poor communicators). To convert your frustration to achievement and job satisfaction, you must focus on your own "self-management" ability to build and manage successful workplace relationships.

You will learn how to:
  • become a better self-manager
  • accomplish more tasks in the allotted time or in less time
  • achieve the "important" tasks and not get sidetracked by the "urgent" ones
  • keep meetings moving in a focused, positive direction
  • meet less often for less time
  • ideally handle a piece of paper only once
  • deal with difficult and incompetent people
  • make a positive impact on upper management
  • get the credit and respect you earned for your accomplishments
  • avoid conflict by applying basic negotiation skills
  • motivate yourself and your staff to go beyond the "minimum daily requirements" of the job

This course is for everyone. Who doesn't get frustrated in the workplace? Everyone wants to learn the skills to cope with workplace frustration. In a half-day learn how to take control over those little things that frustrate you on a daily basis. Pick up dozens of tips to experience more on-the-job success, satisfaction, and accomplishment.

    Accomplish More - Agonize Less
  • Identify the causes and effects of workplace frustration
  • Describe how to spot and act on the early warning signs of frustration
  • Explain techniques to become a more effective self-manager
  • Describe skills to get more out of meetings in less time
    Communicating for Results
  • Explain how to prevent communication problems
  • Describe communication strategies for dealing with frustrating situations
  • Demonstrate how to communicate with upper management, colleagues, and employees positively, productively, and peacefully
    Success, Achievement, and Job Satisfaction
  • Demonstrate how to deal with those people who frustrate you
  • Explain how to get recognized for doing a good job
  • Explain how to construct a personal De-Frustration Plan

Course Description | Benefits | Intended Audience | Course Outline

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