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How to Conduct a Performance Appraisal...

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Are you a manager or supervisor who:
  • Dreads conducting performance appraisals?
  • Feels more anxious or intimidated than the employee sitting across from you?
  • Often waits until the last minute to prepare your appraisals?
  • Wants to maintain the high productivity of your outstanding employees
  • and deal more effectively with the unsatisfactory ones?
  • Needs to become better skilled at solving performance problems and
  • setting the performance goals of your employees?
  • Avoids discussing performance problems with your employees?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions and have the responsibility of evaluating employee performance, then this course is a must for you. No matter how sophisticated or high tech your environment is may be, people - your people - are the most valuable resource of your organization. A critical part of your job is to be able to openly discuss and manage performance with those people who report to you.

The evaluation of your employees' performance can be an agonizing, difficult, or stressful ordeal; that is, if you let it. Or it can be a positive motivating, experience that produces positive results. Performance management - or how well you conduct your performance appraisals - can have a significant affect on your own career as well as your staff's.

Performance management is about improving your employees' work performance that is measurable and trackable rather than simply discussing your wish list of expectations that somehow always seem to fall through the cracks.

After taking this course you will be able to:
  • Get your performance appraisals done on time
  • Reduce your own anxiety and that of your employees
  • Use the performance appraisal as a tool to increase employee productivity
  • Enhance positive communication to achieve - or even exceed - work goals
  • More effectively measure results of employee performance against the goals and standards the two of you set together
  • Painlessly correct any performance problems

This course is intended for supervisors, managers, or team leaders who direct the activities of others, appraise employee work performance, or provide employee feedback. It is for individuals who need to become more adept at:

  • Conducting a stress-free performance appraisal
  • Establishing and maintaining an open dialog
  • Helping employees adequately prepare for the appraisal
  • Strengthening work relations; improve productivity
  • Handling problem employees
  • It's also for those who have difficulty getting their performance appraisals done on time.

    The Performance Appraisal or "What Have You Done for Us Lately to Help Improve the Company?"
  • Explain how to ensure the performance appraisal is a positive and productive experience for the employee, supervisor, and organization
  • Describe the benefits of a multisource assessment and how to it can be used in conjunction with the performance appraisal
    How to (EASILY) Prepare for a More Effective Performance Appraisal
  • Identify the pre-work required by the employee and supervisor
  • Explain how to maximize the employee's self-appraisal with minimum anxiety by both parties
  • Describe how to better monitor performance, document the good and not so good, and provide feedback
    How to Conduct the Performance Appraisal... Painlessly
  • Describe how to develop an open and positive communication system for increasing employee productivity
  • Explain dos and don'ts for the supervisor: growing a great employee, performance planning, goal setting, and mistakes to avoid
  • Explain how to deal with the great performer and the poor performer
  • Describe how to prepare for the next review - NOW!

Course Description | Benefits | Intended Audience | Course Outline

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