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The Competitive Edge:
How to Get Ahead in Life, Your Career, & Your Job

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So how does it feel now that you've been downsized, capsized, reengineered, TQM'd, customer focused, empowered, politically corrected, team built, time managed, and 360 degreed? Only you can take charge of your life, your career, and your job. It's much easier when you apply the principles and strategies of common sense.

If you're content to take a passive approach in today's high-tech, fast-pace and constantly stressful world, then be prepared for an unexciting life of boredom in a mediocre job with token promotions, raises, and projects.

What are the secrets? There are none! It's a matter of common sense. Why just survive when you can gain the competitive edge, take charge, prosper, and get ahead ... but it takes common sense. By learning practical common sense skills, you'll learn how to increase your value to yourself, your family, and your company or organization. Although you've mastered the newest technologies, no one ever taught you common sense. How many people do you know who are educated or technically competent yet have little common sense? Are one of them? Are you sure?

Learn common sense behavior and how sound and prudent, but often unsophisticated judgements, can have a positive effect on your own personal "bottom line". You'll strengthen your common sense skills in the areas of people skills, communication skills, management and leadership skills, and performance improvement.

After taking this course you will learn how to:
  • Develop or fine tune the 13 Competitive Edge skills
  • Eliminate the Competitive Edge killers
  • Overcome the 12 areas where most managers "Haven't a Clue"
  • Conduct your own Competitive Edge audit
  • Apply the Common Sense Rule of Life to succeed
  • Make yourself more valuable
  • Become a better communicator
  • Defuse negative situations
  • Recover when you make a mistake
  • Apply dozens of Competitive Edge techniques for immediate results

    The Competitive Edge and What It Can Do for You
  • Define and explain the behavioral characteristics and skills to gain the Competitive Edge
  • Explain what managers and employees must do to stand out, excel, and be recognized
  • Describe the Competitive Edge self-audit
    Improving Your Own Bottom Line
  • Explain techniques to improve and fine tune the many hats you must wear to gain the Competitive Edge: communicator, negotiator, problem solver, leader, motivator, and "schmoozer"
  • Describe and explain how to increase your value to yourself and your organization
    Competitive Edge Strategies: A Ph.D. in Common Sense to Sharpen Your Image for Success
  • Describe dozens of Competitive Edge tactics and techniques to apply on a daily basis
  • Describe how to "manage" your boss - What to DO and what NOT to say
  • Explain the daily "check up from the neck up:" the Competitive Edge Final Exam

Course Description | Benefits | Course Outline

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