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Powerful People Skills

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Both technical and non-technical professionals need to fine tune if not change their management styles and techniques, challenge themselves and their employees, and accept the fact that continual learning for them and their team is an on-going and required part of the job.

Although your are technically competent, your job satisfaction and climb up the career ladder forces you to solve more people problems than technical ones. You have to communicate more and more with non-technicals, stand out as a leader, function as a corporate organizational entrepreneur (a person who takes action instead of waiting to be told what to do), and attack those tasks and problems of which you're fearful, head-on.

How equipped are you to cope with these new rules? If you think the company pays your salary; if you view yourself as a "boss;" if you view your department somewhere on the pyramid with the CEO at the top; and if you use the same management techniques you always have, then you're in for a rude awakening as your organization travels along the technical superhighway. Now is the time to reengineer and reinvent yourself and your people!

After taking this course you will be able to:
  • Make the shift from working alone and solving problems to effectively focus on and impact those around you
  • Cope with technical burnout: using more and more of your administrative and people skills than your technical skills
  • Reengineer yourself - making the shift from rigidity to flexibility
  • Leave behind dated management practices to become more valuable to yourself and your organization
  • Better cope with change
  • Become a creative problem solver
  • Become a better communicator: listener and presenter
  • Shift your technical competence to effective interpersonal skills
  • Place greater value on your staff - your most important source of value-added products and services
  • Empower and mentor employees to increase productivity
  • Better cope with complexity, ambiguity, difficult people, and office politics
  • Promote yourself and your accomplishments
  • Apply proven leadership skills: the Dos and Don'ts
  • Keep the energy and enthusiasm of your staff high

This course is intended for both technical and non-technical professionals from the senior executive to the new manager who want to increase their job satisfaction or move up the career ladder.

    The Need for a Reengineered Manager
  • Describe the shift from technical skills (the past) to people skills (the present and future)
  • Explain the effects of technical burnout on the manager's career track and explain preventative strategies and techniques
  • Explain in detail how to reengineer yourself and make the shift to leader
  • Describe characteristics of the reengineered manager
    Reengineering Your Communication Skills
  • Identify listening and presentation skills level through self-assessment
  • Demonstrate practical and effective listening and presentation skills
  • Describe how to promote yourself and your achievements
    Reengineering Your Interpersonal Relationship Skills
  • Explain and demonstrate a relationship strategy model to apply in the workplace
  • Describe effective techniques to relate to difficult personality types
    Reengineering Your Team: Growing Superstars
  • Describe how to cope with office politics
  • Explain techniques to think and solve problems creatively
  • Identify ways to build and increase risk taking techniques for yourself and your team
  • Describe techniques to motivate your team and increase enthusiasm
    Reengineering Your Role as a Leader
  • Describe skills and techniques to mentor and empower
  • Explain a variety of leadership skills
  • Describe techniques to create a vision for your organization, your team and yourself

Course Description | Benefits | Intended Audience | Course Outline

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