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Everyone's a Salesperson:
How to Better Sell Your Products, Your Services, Your Ideas, & Yourself

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Everyone is a salesperson and has something to sell! Think back...to your last job interview. Your first objective was to sell YOURSELF to the interviewer. Remember...when you wanted to try something new or different. You probably had to sell your IDEAS to some "doubting Thomases." Consider...the fact that your customers view you as an expert. Your recommendations for solutions to their needs - your company's PRODUCTS and SERVICES - are openly welcomed and followed.

A top priority in your organization is to develop new business by selling more profitably through Relationship Selling. Today everyone has to be a salesperson - not just your Sales and Marketing Department - and needs to learn sales and marketing skills.

Everyone in your organization can uncover customer problems, new profit centers, and referrals. That's why everyone needs to learn results-oriented yet practical techniques that apply the psychological principles of sales, marketing, and common sense (that all-important skill which many of us never receive formal training and often forget to apply with our customers).

You'll learn that salesmanship is a skill (not a talent) that CAN be learned. You'll identify your "personal" enemies, and no, they are not your competitors. Even your company's sales and marketing pros - who often say, "I've heard it all" - will fine-tune their skill and even learn something new!

Learn the principles of CUSTOMER OBSESSION - treating each customer as if they were your ONLY CUSTOMER. The bottom line: a satisfied customer is the best strategy because today you must strike while the iron is hot as he who hesitates is last!

After taking this course you will be able to:
  • Make the shift from the old "traditional" way of selling to the new "relationship-oriented" model
  • Assess yourself in 18 sales skills areas
  • Apply the greatest business secret in the world: the rewarded customer buys, multiplies, and comes back
  • Apply the NEW rules of sales: the Dos and Don'ts
  • How to better care for and feed your clients
  • Apply a simple sales model that produces results
  • Identify what to look for in a customer
  • Talk "needs" and "solutions" to generate repeat business and referrals
  • Identify buying signals and pass leads along to the sales and marketing people
  • Become a better listener to make your customers glad they talked to you
  • Apply the STOP - LOOK - LISTEN - ASK model when selling
  • Sell and market to a variety of behavioral styles applying the Relationship Strategies model
  • Remove - rather than have to overcome - objections
  • Be able to complete the statement, "As a result of my coming to work, the customer benefits…"
  • Impress upon your customers that YOU are the company and use it to your organization's advantage
  • Focus on what your customers want and need, help them to buy what's best for them, and make them feel good about their decision
  • Apply the principles of Customer Obsession
  • Win new customers, keep them for life, and keep them coming back whether dealing with the customer on a technical or sales and marketing level
  • Convert customer complaints into sales
  • Develop a customer survey, customer questionnaire, customer feedback form, and measurement techniques
  • Apply a variety of value-added strategies

This course is for anyone who has customer contact whether dealing with the customer on a technical or sales and marketing level. In some organizations, the sales/marketing person takes the technical professional along to handle the technical questions and issues. The value of the technical professional is often overlooked as a marketeer but is usually the person closest to the customer and the best individual to identify future business.

Experienced sales and marketing personnel will also benefit from learning a variety of fresh and new sales skills from a totally NEW perspective to achieve your organization's sales goals.

This course is highly recommended for government agencies! "But we don't have anything to sell." Au contraire, simply retitle this course: How to Sell Your Agency, Your Programs, Your Ideas & Yourself. Your customers may be more internal than external; and besides the general public as your Number One Customer, you more than likely have to deal with other agencies, contractors, and vendors.

    How Selling Has Changed
  • Describe how selling is now a "relationship" and how we're all salespersons
  • Identify personal strengths (along with those techniques that have been working) as well as personal weaknesses, selling obstacles and problem areas that need to be fine-tuned or converted to strengths
  • Describe the positive characteristics of the successful salesperson
    The Psychology of Consumer Behavior
  • Explain ways to make the customer feel important
  • Explain the principles of buying behavior: what to look for in a customer
  • Discuss what the customer is really buying: solutions to problems and needs, and good feelings
  • Explain a practical and simple sales model, the sales pyramid, steps to selling, and value-added strategies
    Customer Communication
  • Distinguish between a customer's wants and needs
  • Describe how to respond to customers who object, are indecisive and complain
  • Demonstrate ways of becoming a better listener
    Psychological Skills to Obtain the Sales Advantage
  • Identify strategies to "read" and sell to your customers using the behavioral style relationship strategies
  • Describe the STOP-LOOK-LISTEN-ASK approach to selling smarter
  • Describe techniques to increase self-esteem and self-confidence - yours and the customer's
  • Identify ways to become more a more creative salesperson and negotiator
    Customer Obsession
  • Explain the barriers to and the components of Customer Obsession
  • Describe strategies to WOW! the customer and how to convert complaints into sales
  • Explain how to serve the customer better than expected: Perception Exceeds Expectation
  • Describe customer feedback tools

Course Description | Benefits | Intended Audience | Course Outline

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