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Precision Management:
Working Smarter, Not Harder

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Are you overwhelmed with multiple projects. missed deadlines, more and more unproductive meetings, people vying for your time, fires to put out, and piles of reading? You will learn not one but FOUR Priority Management Systems and discover which systems work best for you to master your priorities and meet your deadlines.

You can learn how to work smarter to manage your priorities more effectively instead of constantly putting out fires. Learn which of FOUR Precision Management systems works best for you to strengthen your planning, problem solving and organizational skills.

After taking this course you will be able to:
  • Complete your top 3 priorities each day and avoid management by crisis
  • Accomplish MORE in LESS time
  • Try out and then decide which of FOUR distinct Precision Management systems works best for you
  • Overcome procrastination NOW!
  • Handle a piece of paper (report, proposal, correspondence) only once
  • Eliminate over two dozen of your biggest time wasters
  • Eliminate interruptions from drop-in visitors and phone calls
  • Make meetings - those you lead and attend - more productive
  • Delegate to the person who can do it best
  • Communicate more effectively with difficult people: the boss, colleagues, subordinates
  • Complete your deadlines on time…or even ahead of schedule
  • Fine-tune your "people" skills
  • Assert yourself and say "NO"
  • Avoid conflict when accounting to more than one boss while pleasing both of them
  • Become a better decision-maker
  • Identify and improve those skills that can advance your career and make you look good to your boss and more valuable to your organization

This course is for everyone! Don't we all:
    often feel there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish our work
    are constantly interrupted by drop-in visitors or the telephone
    have to manage excessive paperwork
    find ourselves in useless meetings
    need to fine-tune our interpersonal or "people" skills
    need to better cope with difficult people
    have to report to more than one boss
    want to learn proven systems to accomplish more in less time

    Precision Management Defined
  • Identify the payoffs to precision management…simple working smarter, not harder
  • Describe the benefits and components of effective and efficient goal-setting
  • Explain and demonstrate FOUR Priority Management systems
    Eliminating Productivity Killers
  • Identify your "time-wastes" and diagnose and quantify their effects on your productivity
  • Explain how to reduce paper handling, make meetings more productive, discourage drop-in visitors and control the telephone
  • Describe how to overcome procrastination
    Relationship Strategies
  • Demonstrate delegation techniques and communications skills to avoid conflict
  • Describe how to cope with difficult people and their personalities
  • Demonstrate ways of saying NO
    Increasing Productivity and Results
  • Explain how to make decision-making easy
  • Describe planning techniques to master any complex situation
  • Describe an effective problem-solving model
    Putting It All Together
  • Describe a precision management action plan
  • Justify precision management techniques
  • Compare the strategies for increased productivity

Course Description | Benefits | Intended Audience | Course Outline

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