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Five Skills Critical to Your Own Survival
& Your Organization's Excellence:
Communication, People Skills, Project Management, Marketing, & Common Sense

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Today's employee must be a "multitracker" to survive! Are you a multidimensional, multitalented person possessing the skills critical for your organization's success? The "movers and shakers" and "powers-that-be" in your organization have them, do you? The organization for which you work has ventured into new areas of business development since you arrived. Have your skills kept pace or are you still "tech-savvy" in only one area of expertise?

In one day you can learn or fine-tune five critical skills:

Communication skills: Most workplace failures or productivity foul-ups can be attributed to poor communication. Learn to project a powerful image - get your point across, persuade, produce positive results, deal with criticism, and motivate others.

People skills: Do you "work well with others?" Sounds juvenile, but isn't this the skill your president or CEO uses constantly and a skill your sales and marketing department uses to obtain business? Isn't it the skill you always admired in your all-time favorite boss? Learn to interact with all kinds of people at all levels...even the "difficult" ones - assert yourself and earn recognition for your achievements, and convert conflict to harmony.

Project management: To work smart, produce positive results, and be viewed as productive, one must approach every task as a "project manager." Learn how to get your projects done on time (or even sooner) and within budget (or even under) - run smoothly, manage multiple priorities, and maximize both your people and resources.

Marketing: Your organization constantly markets its projects and services. But what about you? What have you done lately to impact your own "bottom line" and market yourself to success? Learn to actively take control of your career - effectively "sell" yourself and your ideas, "overdeliver" your performance, create a positive image, and develop your own personal marketing plan.

Common sense: These skills will put you ahead of the competition. Common sense is what makes you wack yourself on the side of the head and exclaim, "Why didn't I think of that!" Learn how leaders think smart and behave smart, standout, command respect, convert problems into solutions, master office politics, and are viewed as wise and creative.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Better communicate in person, in writing, and over the phone to project a powerful image and be understood to get your point across, produce positive results, deal with criticism, and motivate others.
  • Interact with all kinds of people at all levels...even the "difficult" ones - be able to "work a room" rather than hide behind a potted palm, make sure people know you and your work (tooting your own horn, and remain composed in highly volatile situations.
  • View and reframe everything you do - your daily tasks, as well as the "big" stuff as a "project"; your work is done on time (or even sooner), runs smoothly, and comes in within (or even under) budget.
  • Develop your own personal marketing plan to better "sell" yourself and your ideas, "over deliver" on your performance, and become more "value-added" within your organization.
  • Think smarter and behave smarter by applying the skills of leaders so others will respond to the "new" you by saying, "Why didn't I think of that?"

You, your team, your whole department, the whole organization! Those who want to maximize the impact on their organization and become more valuable to the organization and themselves.

    Communication Skills
  • Demonstrate how to be a better listener
  • Explain how to say the right thing at the right time
  • Describe how to apply your communication skills to: persuade, motivate others, pose questions, and project yourself as a positive person
    People Skills
  • Describe how to "read" other people using the relationship strategies model
  • Explain how to work successfully with a wide variety of people - even difficult ones
  • Describe how to project a self-confident image and make a positive impact on others
    Project Management Skills
  • Describe how to view almost every daily priority or task as a "project"
  • Explain how to better plan, schedule, and budget your projects
  • Explain the importance of a Plan B to cope with the unforeseen: time, money, and staff problems
    Marketing Skills
  • Describe how to sell yourself and your ideas and receive credit
  • Explain how to develop a personal marketing plan
  • Describe how to apply the number one skill, customer service, to your success
    Common Sense Skills
  • Describe how to produce personal and professional results
  • Explain how to be a better decision-maker and risk taker
  • Demonstrate a variety of creative "street smarts" to succeed

Course Description | Benefits | Intended Audience | Course Outline

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