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Managers' Boot Camp:
Coaching Skills for the Leadership Advantage

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When you were promoted to manager or supervisor, what kind of management training were YOU given? Probably none or very little. Whether you've been a manager for years or have been recently promoted, this course will make your job (and life) easier! Managers and supervisors are often faced with numerous non-technical tasks for which they were not trained, particularly in the area of "people" skills.

Today's manager has to be a leader to keep staff productivity, performance while providing sincere recognition. Yet managers avoid managing their people because they have not learned how to "grow" better employees. Managers must be able to motivate and provide leadership to friends, former co-workers, the culturally diverse, the older and more experienced employee and younger and less experienced.

At Managers' Boot Camp you will learn the skills to increase employee productivity and motivation. and come across as a dynamic and competent manager who can produce results and make things happen.

After taking this course you will be able to:
  • Evaluate yourself as to how successful you are as a manager and compare yourself against the most successful
  • Apply effective relationship strategies to manage, lead and motivate a vast variety of employees
  • "Catch employees being good" with proven and creative techniques
  • Better manage and discipline the "problem" employee and turn around performance and attitude problems
  • Get an immediate "buy-in" or commitment from your employees to be a contributing member of your team
  • Give assignments and instructions without coming across as a drill sergeant
  • Become a better listener better and learn how to avoid communication breakdowns
  • Delegate more effectively to the person who can do it best
  • Turn average employees into better ones and your better employees into SUPERSTARS

This course is a must for individuals who want to stand out and gain the competitive edge as a manager. The seasoned manager as well as the "rookie" manager will gain valuable information techniques, and skills.

    Characteristics and Qualities of Effective and Successful Managers
  • Describe how to conduct a managerial self-evaluation
  • Identify and compare your skills and assets against the "best"
  • Describe specific techniques to obtain employee commitment and achieve your goals
  • Describe specific techniques to motivate your staff: increase productivity, morale, and enthusiasm
  • Explain creative management and leadership techniques
  • Describe techniques to apply when performance problems occur
    Communication Skills
  • Demonstrate ways to communicate to your staff to solve problems and avoid breakdowns
  • Demonstrate techniques to become a better listener
  • Explain and demonstrate Relationship Strategies: Creative techniques for obtaining results from your employees
  • Demonstrate how to provide positive feedback to improve performance
    Solving Performance Problems
  • Describe techniques to manage your "problem" employees
  • Explain how to empower and mentor the stars of your staff
  • Identify what to delegate and to whom
    Developing Your Personal Management Action Plan
  • Describe the component parts of a results-oriented action plan
  • Describe an action plan for you and your employees to work as a team to increase their skill level and develop a positive attitude

Course Description | Benefits | Intended Audience | Course Outline

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