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Approach to Training and Training Style
Dr. Elliott B. Jaffa is a behavioral and management psychologist and creative problem solver with over 25 years of training and management experience. As a dynamic and high-energy professional keynote speaker, trainer, and marketing consultant, his focus is on results and solutions--the immediate transfer and application of learning to the workplace. He feels that, "No matter how good business is, it could always be better."

Dr. Jaffa does not hide behind a lectern (unless you want him to) but rather wanders into and interacts with his audience. He takes great pride in his sense of humor and common sense in addressing today's management problems and guarantees to make learning fun while exceeding your training objectives.

Dr. Jaffa's Rx: a "how-to," practical, creative, interactive, high-energy presentation to motivate you and your colleagues that reap maximum value for your time and training dollar$. Dr. Jaffa holds a doctorate in education from the University of Maryland and a master's degree in clinical psychology from Xavier University.

Dr. Jaffa's objective is to incorporate humor and creativity to make learning fun, motivate attendees, and challenge them to think creatively for maximum value for their time and your organization's investment in training. His primary training goal is to ensure that information learned today will be applied on-the-job tomorrow. Attendees come away with a better understanding of how to apply newly learned skills to become more effective and productive within their organization.

Distance Learning Bio
Dr. Jaffa has the distinction of presenting more distance learning training via live satellite television than anyone in the country. He has developed over 15 professional development and management distance learning courses for National Technological University (NTU), the "Harvard" of distance learning, delivered via live satelliteTV. He has produced, directed, and presented over 100 uplinks (programs) to over 1,000 downlink sites (organizations). Based on participant evaluations, Dr. Jaffa was rated and recognized as one of NTU's top presenters year after year. NTU is the parent company of PBS, The Business Channel.

Dr. Jaffa's training programs are also broadcast to numerous countries throughout the continent of Africa through African Virtual University based at the World Bank in Washington, DC.

A few of the more recognizable repeat customers include AT&T, Nortel, John Deere, Digital, Kodak, Exxon, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, McDonnel Douglas, Milliken, NASA, Pacific Bell, Phillips Petroleum, Rockwell International, Texas Instruments, Department of Energy, Defense Information Systems Agency, NSA, U.S. Navy. Dr. Jaffa also presents his training programs via live satellite TV throughout the sub Saharan continent of Africa through African Virtual University based at the World Bank in Washington, DC.

Dr. Elliott B. Jaffa often refers to himself as the "Ralph Nader" of distance learning. Most organizations, while wanting to put on a distance learning event, need to become more educated consumers when it comes to buying distance learning. Most organizations lack the knowledge of what they really need and don't need, what to pay for services, and the overall logistics of staging such an event.

Dr. Jaffa is an expert at: producing and directing a distance learning event; marketing distance learning to turn a profit using both print and video infomercials; knowing what to buy and what not to buy, thus saving your organization money to get more bang for your buck; selecting and training speakers to do distance learning "right;" and almost everything else you wanted to know about distance learning but were afraid to ask.

Dr. Jaffa consistently receives feedback from viewers who say, "It feels as if he is actually in the room."

What's New?
Dr. Jaffa's two most recent enterprises has been conducting marketing and information audits for professional and trade associations and Client Relationship Management training.

The goal of a marketing audit is to identify areas for an association to generate increased revenues. The marketing audit is a creative, facilitated look through the eyes of everyone on the staff in mapping out an association or organization's future pursuits and identifying ways in which to provide members or customers with the new products and services that they want and need.

Client Relationship Management training focuses on becoming a more valuable knowledge expert to your clients: developing relationship strategies, building client loyalty, and fine tuning one's persuasive, people, marketing, and problem solving skills.